J. Arnold Soltz, James I. Donna, and Richard L. Greenspan

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The GPS Joint Program Office has directed the delivery of GPS user equipment incorporating standard hardware and software. The resulting package, RCVR-3A, is designed to provide specified navigation performance under a wide range of alternative avionics interface requirements and aircraft mission scenarios. However, various integration studies have demonstrated that some of the RCVR-3A’s potential performance is not realized because of the software design compromises made to accommodate standardization requirements. This is particularly the case when GPS measurements are integrated with INS outputs in RCVR-3A INS-mode operation. Therefore, some integrators have chosen to mechanize an independent navigation filter in a host vehicle mission computer when their system requirements exceed the GPS specifications. An alternative approach is to provide custom tuning for the RCVR-3A navigation filter to improve the receiver’s own estimates of velocity and platform alignment. This paper summarizes the results of studies indicating that filter tuning is a cost-effective approach for certain combinations of INS and aircraft mission requirements. The paper concludes with a discussion of alternative means of mechanizing the RCVR-3A retuning.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 35, Number 4
Pages: 443 - 458
Cite this article: Soltz, J. Arnold, Donna, James I., Greenspan, Richard L., "AN OPTION FOR MECHANIZING INTEGRATED GPS/INS SOLUTIONS", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 35, No. 4, Winter 1988-1989, pp. 443-458.
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