Michael S. Braasch

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: GPS receiver dynamic tracking error is an often misunderstood concept. Flight test results and field experiences have shown dynamics-induced errors that can be related directly to the receiver architecture. To evaluate the effects of multipath in airborne receivers, it is necessary to isolate multipath from receiver tracking errors. Separation of multipath and receiver tracking errors can be difficult, particularly for a highly dynamic receiver platform. This results from the fact that the two error sources can be similar in magnitude and frequency. Historically, receiver dynamic tracking error has often been ignored or overlooked when analyzing multipath data. This paper describes a controlled experiment that allows for the isolation of multipath and receiver tracking errors. The theory behind the dynamic tracking error phenomenon is described, along with the isolation technique. Data collection and analysis results are presented to confirm the viability of the technique.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 41, Number 4
Pages: 415 - 434
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