George Schmidt and Roy Setterlund

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: Many future weapons and weapon carriers are expected to have an avionics suite that includes an integrated INS/GPS set. This relatively inexpensive means of navigation motivates examination of whether very high accuracy (- 10 ft circular error probable [CEPI) may be obtainable using only this set of weapon avionics operating in either a relative or differential GPS mode. This paper presents several different weapon system concepts that exploit such a capability to attack both fixed and stationary (but mobile) targets. It also addresses the theory behind each concept that enables the high accuracy and discusses the assumptions relating to each technique. Concepts explained include the use of aircraft equipped with an INS/GPS/synthetic aperture radar (SAR) avionics suite to perform a real-time relative targeting function for weapon initialization. The importance of reasonable aircraft maneuvers to enhance observability and speed up the three-dimensional (3-D) targeting fire control solution is also addressed. Simulation results for several realistic scenarios are presented.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 41, Number 1
Pages: 99 - 112
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