Changdon Kee, Todd Walter, Per Enge, and Bradford Parkinson

Peer Reviewed

Abstract: The Wide-Area Augmentation System WAAS) will be a supplemental navigation aid for all phases of flight down to Category Z precision approach, and eventually will be a primary nauigation aid. This paper introduces a weighted Hatch filter, a very simple and practical jilter for use in generating confidence values and improving the quality of the wide-area reference station (WRS) outputs. The paper also introduces a new real-time filter for estimating the velocity of ionospheric time delay with an accuracy of better than 0.2 mmls using Ll and L2 continuous carrier phases. The filter can be used for detection of even a half-cycle slip and in the cycle slip recovery process. The technique can be applied to both mobile and static users.
Published in: NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Volume 44, Number 1
Pages: 53 - 62
Cite this article: Kee, Changdon, Walter, Todd, Enge, Per, Parkinson, Bradford, "QUALITY CONTROL ALGORITHMS ON WAAS WIDE-AREA REFERENCE STATIONS", NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 44, No. 1, Spring 1997, pp. 53-62.
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