Joint ITM/PTTI Tutorials

David Scherer, MITRE, Tutorials Chair

New Visions for Clocks and Time Distribution From Space

ION is pleased to announce a joint ITM/PTTI tutorial session on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. The day-long series of tutorial talks will bring together a group of international experts from government, academia, and industry on the topics of clocks and time transfer from space. Topics will range from system-level discussions of time dissemination from space to technical overviews of novel atomic clocks, clock state estimation, and optical time transfer.

Tutorials will be open to all PTTI and ITM attendees. 

ull abstracts and registration information are available in the technical program.

Morning Tutorials:

Afternoon Tutorials:

  • Kalman Filtering and its Use in Clock Estimation: Dr. Steve Langel, The MITRE Corporation
  • Two-way Laser Links and Optical Clocks for Space-Time Referencing, Dr. Leo Hollberg, Stanford University
  • CSACs for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing in Space, Dr. Penina Axelrad, The University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Click here for schedule, course descriptions, and presenter details.