Session A5b: Collaborative Navigation


Date: Thursday, January 26, 2023
Time: 3:30 p.m. - 4:55 p.m.
Location: Seaview Ballroom (1st Floor)
Session Chairs:
Dr. Adam Rutkowski
Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Kirsten Strandjord
University of Minnesota

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1. Performance Evaluation and Hybrid Application of the Greedy and Predictive UAV Trajectory Optimization Methods for Localizing a Target Mobile Device : Halim Lee and Jiwon Seo, Yonsei University Peer Reviewed
2. Environment Context Detection of Wearable GNSS Using Machine Learning Algorithm : Youmin Joung, Sunkyoung Yu, Junbeom Kim, Soyoung Park, Kisoo Yu, Samsung Electronics Peer Reviewed
3. A Distributed, Collaborative Strategy for In-Situ Monitoring of Multipath Errors : Okuary Osechas, Shrivathsan Narayanan, Gianluca Zampieri, Brandon Weaver, German Aerospace Center - DLR
4. TerraPoiNT: A Terrestrial Navigation System : Sameet Deshpande, Arun Raghupathy, NextNav Inc
Virtual Presentation
Pre-recorded presentations will become available for viewing by registered attendees on Tuesday, January 25.
  A Node Selection Method for Multi-vehicle Cooperative Positioning Base on CRLB : Hanbiao Gong, Hongbo Zhao, Shan Hu, Chen Zhuang, Beihang University Peer Reviewed