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IFEN Company Profile – GNSS Simulators & Software Receivers
Since being founded in 1998 IFEN has been involved in multiple leading-edge satellite navigation projects. These have included development of navigation algorithms, prototype development, navigation system studies and the development of the German Galileo test range (GATE). The GATE project allowed IFEN to acquire in-depth knowledge of combining simulators and receivers into a complex signal testbed.

Over 20 years’ experience in satellite navigation is now embodied in IFEN’s GNSS Simulator and GNSS Software Receiver products and the support offered to our customers. The highly capable NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator is the latest Simulator product available from IFEN. The software defined RF signal generator provides maximum flexibility to the user, while the powerful and easy to use Control Center operating software allows the user to realistically simulate a wide range of test scenarios for multiple applications.

The real-time SX3 GNSS Software Receiver is a highly versatile GNSS receiver platform for a wide range of development, verification and scientific applications. Our extremely flexible SX3 GNSS Software Receivers are, more than ever, the first choice to support researchers and engineers in designing and testing of new GNSS receiver concepts and algorithms and for sophisticated scientific and signal analysis applications.

A brochure describing the NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator is available at: https://www.ifen.com/fileadmin/documents/pdf/NCS/STX.NOVA_July2019.pdf

A brochure describing the SX3 GNSS Software Receiver is available at: https://www.ifen.com/fileadmin/documents/pdf/SX3/SX3_Mar2019.pdf

For additional information please contact your local IFEN sales office:
Dr. Guenter Heinrichs
Head of Client Solutions & Business development
IFEN GmbH located in Poing, Germany
Telephone: +49 8121 2238 20
E-mail: sales@ifen.com
For the Americas
Mark Wilson
VP Sales IFEN Inc.
IFEN Inc. located in California, USA
Telephone: +1 951-739-7331
E-mail: m.wilson@ifen.com
Website: www.ifen.com