PTTI Author Resource Center

Presentation Instructions

Please note that you must bring your presentation files to the session on the day of your presentation. ION computers will accept PowerPoint or PDF files from a USB drive or CD-ROM. Presentation files uploaded to AMP are only for publication in the proceedings; these files will not automatically be copied to the session room computer.

Presentation Timing

Each presentation will be allotted no more than 20 minutes. Please do not run over the allotted time. Files exceeding 20 minutes will be rejected.

Audio-Visual Aids

The most negative criticisms prior ION authors have received is in regards to the quality of the author's visual aids.  Improperly prepared audio-visual materials can spoil an otherwise excellent presentation.  Conference participants regard the quality of your visuals as an indication of your level of preparation and professionalism. Remember that the quality of your visual aids is a reflection on you and the company/agency you represent.

Consider the Following When Preparing Your Presentation

  • Your presentation should be in 16:9 (wide screen) format. You can still use 4:3; however, there will be unused screen space.
  • Do not assume audience members are experts in the subject of your presentation; the majority will be there to learn. 
  • Your presentation should include the problem you are solving and any necessary background. Be sure to present the basic technical concepts that underpin your solution.
  • Before recording, consider rehearsing your presentation in front of a group of co-workers, including some who are not already familiar with your work. 
  • Do not overload your slides. Due to the large size of some session rooms we strongly encourage your visuals remain both simple and neat. It is better to use additional visuals to develop a point rather than cluttering up one image or presentation.  
  • Text should be in 24 and 36-point type, large enough to be seen fifty feet away by persons with twenty-twenty vision.  
  • Your visuals should illustrate your main points, use simple graphics to communicate ideas, and act as a general summary of your written paper. 
  • Do not project pages of type. 
  • Most speakers find that one visual per minute of presentation time (excluding title slides) works well.  
  • Your visuals should motivate people to read your complete paper in the proceedings. 

When Creating Your Presentation

If your presentation incorporates unique fonts or unusual symbols, be sure to embed the fonts in your PowerPoint or Acrobat file. Failure to do so may cause the fonts to display incorrectly.

To embed fonts in PowerPoint: File > Options > Save > Select the checkbox "Embed fonts in the file" under the heading "Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation".

If your presentation incorporates equations, you may wish to import the equations to PowerPoint as captured image files. This allows the equations to display correctly on most computers without any special fonts or equation editing software installed.