PTTI Author Resource Center

Important Dates and Deadlines

January 4:

  • Last day to register for the conference without a late fee. Register online.
    The author doing the recorded presentation is required to register and pay registration fees.
  • Upload your virtual presentation (slides and recorded audio/video presentation) through the ION’s Abstract Management Portal (AMP)
  • Submit your Copyright Release ION Proceedings & Media Authorization/License Form through the ION's Abstract Management Portal (AMP)

January 25- 28: ITM/PTTI Meetings

February 7: Revised presentations slides AND/OR papers will not be accepted after this date for publication in the conference proceedings.

Submission of Copyright Release ION Proceedings & Media Authorization License Form

Your Presentation Will Be Available to a Virtual Audience

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, travel restrictions and in an effort to make the conference accessible to a larger geo-political audience, PTTI will be hosted in a virtual environment. PTTI will live stream the plenary session through the virtual meeting platform. Individual technical presentations will be pre-recorded and uploaded with slides to the virtual meeting platform for viewing at a time of your choosing. These recorded presentations are for registrants only and will NOT be included in the final conference proceedings.

On the conference website, each presentation will have a comment box for Q&A and comments from attendees. Authors will receive an email notification when new comments or questions are posted; authors should respond to questions in a timely manner.

Submission of Completed Paper for Publication in the Conference Proceedings

Presentation videos submitted for the ION’s virtual conference will NOT be included in the conference proceedings. You must submit final papers/presentation slides you desire to have included in the official conference proceedings as outlined below.

PTTI Authors have the option of submitting a final paper AND/OR a copy of their presentation slides for publication in the proceedings.

Your final technical paper should be reflective of your original abstract.  Papers not representative of the original abstract submitted will NOT be included in the conference proceedings, regardless of whether or not they were presented at the conference.  Additionally, this will affect the acceptance of future abstracts for ION conferences.

Please use the Abstract Management Portal to provide the ION with the following documents:

  1. Copyright Release ION Proceedings & Media Authorization/License AND
  2. PDF versions of your final presentation, and (optional) paper. The paper, if submitted, should be formatted according to the Paper Preparation Instructions. 

Please note that only authors who submit the required slide presentation files, Copyright Release ION Proceedings & Media Authorization/License Form, and register for the conference by January 4 will have their presentation (and optional paper) published in the conference proceedings. 

Per publication policy, presentations not presented virtually at the conference will not be published in the conference proceedings for any reason. We encourage you to make alternative arrangements for a co-author to present virtually on your behalf if you foresee any reason why you may not be able to participate as originally scheduled. Remember that only co-authors listed on the presentation will be permitted to present in your place, and alternative presenters are still required to be registered if they are the virtual presenter.

On behalf of the PTTI organizing committee, thank you for your participation.