PTTI Author Resource Center

Answers to Authors' Common Questions

I am unable to attend the event in person. Can someone else present on my behalf?

Someone else can present on your behalf if he/she:

  1. is a listed co-author on the presentation/paper;
  2. attends the Speakers’ Breakfast the morning of your session, checks in with your Session Chairs, and provides them with an updated paper bio for introduction; and
  3. is registered for the conference.

I am unable to attend the event in person. Can my paper still be published in the conference proceedings?

If your paper was accepted and scheduled to be presented as part of the in-person program, and you are unable to attend the event, you will need to have a co-author fulfill all the obligations associated with in-person presentation in order to have your paper included in the conference proceedings. Papers scheduled for the in-person conference that were not presented will not be published in the conference proceedings.

I am unable to attend the event in person. Can I present my paper remotely either as part of the in-person or virtual program?

No accommodation will be made for remote presentation. If you are scheduled to present as part of the virtual program your presentation is available on-demand. If you were scheduled to present in the in-person program and are unable to attend you will need to get a co-author to present in-person on your behalf or cancel your paper.

I was selected as an alternate author. Will my paper/presentation still be included in the conference proceedings?

Your presentation/paper will still be published in the conference proceedings, even if you did not get the opportunity to present orally, as long as you:

  1. attended the Speakers’ Breakfast the morning of your session; and
  2. were prepared to present if called upon to do so. Please come prepared to present.

The first, and often the second, alternate authors have an excellent chance of presenting orally in their session. If you are called upon to present and refuse, for any reason, your paper will not be included in the proceedings.

I uploaded my paper and/or presentation to ION’s Abstract Management Portal but it is not visible in the Virtual Meeting Portal; what is wrong?

Please check to ensure you completed the Copyright Release ION Proceedings & Media Authorization/License Form. None of the uploaded documents will be visible to registered attendees until this form is completed, giving ION authorization to distribute these materials; then allow time for processing. If, after adequate processing time, you do not see your paper, please email

Can I move my paper/presentation from the in-person meeting to the virtual meeting, or from the virtual program to the in-person program?

Due to the level of disruption and logistics, we are not moving papers/presentations between the in-person and virtual programs as originally applied for/assigned in the pre-conference program.

My paper not submitted by December 1 for peer review. Is there any mechanism for peer review after the deadline?

No. Late papers meeting other presentation criteria will still be published, but they will be published without a peer-reviewed designation.

My paper failed peer review. Can I submit modifications and request a second review?

Papers will not be reviewed a second time. However, authors can upload updated and corrected versions of their technical paper through September 30 for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

I want to make my presentation slides available to conference attendees on a temporary basis, but not include these in the conference proceedings; how do I do this?

You can upload your slides to the ION’s Abstract Management Portal throughout the conference and delete them prior to September 30 to ensure they are not picked up for inclusion in the proceedings.

Do/can all the authors associated with my paper/presentation attend the Speakers’ Breakfast?

Only one author per paper may attend the Speakers’ Breakfast – and it should be the author delivering the oral presentation. During the breakfast you will: 1) check-in with your session chair; 2) verify your bio is correct; and 3) receive important on-site audio and video instruction/demonstration.

Who is required to register for the conference and pay conference registration fees?

The author presenting the paper, either in-person or virtually (this would be the person recording the video virtual presentation), is required to be registered for the conference and pay the conference registration fees.

I have a significant other traveling to the event with me that would like to watch me present. Can ION accommodate this?

Yes, ION is happy to facilitate a significant other’s attendance in your session to watch you give your presentation. Please see the registration desk onsite to make arrangements.