Peer Review Instructions for Session Chairs

Pacific PNT authors are required to submit a full technical paper for peer review.

Peer review results affect the order of the papers scheduled in the technical program as priority is given to peer reviewed papers. Papers that do not pass peer review may still be presented at the conference and published in the proceedings, but without the “peer review” label.  


Two separate reviews are required for each paper.

Both session chairs are required to complete the peer review form individually.

One of your primary duties as a session chair will be to complete the peer review online, through the Abstract Management Portal (AMP), by February 20.

  • The review criteria should not be as high as for a journal paper.
  • The majority of papers will fall into the “endorse paper as is” with some requiring “minor non-technical revisions” (typically English edits).
  • Only on rare occasions should you not endorse a paper for peer review designation.
  • Non-endorsed papers will still be included in the conference proceedings; they simply will not be labeled as “peer reviewed.”
  • Exceptional papers should be endorsed and identified for publication in NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation.
  • An optional “comment” box will be included under each category, where you may elect to insert optional notes/guidance to the author. 
  • If you respond “yes” to each question the paper will have met the established standard of peer review.
  • If you respond “no” to any of the peer review questions, you will be required to include an explanation.

A paper will only go through the peer review process once by each session chair. Session chairs are required to complete the peer review form individually.

  • Any conflicts between pass/fail will be resolved by the conference’s Publications Committee.
  • A paper will not be re-reviewed after it has been revised.
  • Authors may revise papers based on comments and suggestions made by reviewers before the final papers are submitted for publication in the proceedings; but only those papers that pass peer review the first time will be marked as peer reviewed in the proceedings.

Instructions for Logging into AMP:

  • Sign in to AMP at the following URL:
  • Under “Manage Your Sessions” click on your session title.
  • If you do not remember your password, click here and select “Forgot Password”:
  • If you need to create an ION account, click here and select “Create an Account”:
    • Once you have created your account, if you do not see your session listed in AMP, email Miriam Lewis at

Your responses will be visible to the author and program committee. Your name will not be visible to the author.

Did you conduct this review personally or delegate it to another?

  • I conducted the review.
  • Another person conducted this review.

Please assess the level of expertise and experience of the reviewer (yourself or your delegate) to evaluate the manuscript:

Does the manuscript contain new and significant information to justify publication?

Does the abstract clearly and accurately describe the content of the manuscript?

Are the objectives of the work clearly and concisely stated?

Are the experimental and/or theoretical methods described comprehensively?

Are the interpretations and conclusions justified by the results?

Is adequate reference made to other work in the field?

Is the use of the English language clear and understandable?

Does the manuscript cite any recent articles from NAVIGATION, The Journal of The Institute of Navigation?

Overall recommendation (select one):

  • Endorse paper and recommend for the ION Journal, NAVIGATION
  • Endorse paper as-is
  • Do not endorse paper; paper fails peer review

Other comments, suggestions for improvement, etc. (optional):
[free text entry]