Session A4: Integrated Inertial Navigation Systems


Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Time: 1:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Location: Big Sur

Session Chairs:
Kamal Joshi
Northrop Grumman
Scott Leavy

Abstracts are listed alphabetically. Once the peer review of the full technical papers is complete, abstracts will be assigned to a presentation or alternate status.

An Adaptive Cascaded Kalman Filter for Two-antenna GPS/MEMS-IMU Integration: Wei Wang, Zongkai Wu and Hao Zhang, Harbin Engineering University, China
An Open Source Flight Dynamics Model and IMU Signal Simulator: James McAnanama and Greg Marsden, L-3 Wescam
Developmental Test Navfest: A Large Scale, Multi-Aircraft, GPS Jamming Test Event: Cole Johnson, Chiawei Lee, and Marcea Ascencio, US Air Force Test Center, Edwards AFB
Fast Alignment Method for Strapdown Navigation System on Stationary Base: Xu Bo, Duan Tenghui, Wang Lianzhao, Harbin Engineering University, China
GNSS/INS Based Estimation of Air Data and Wind Vector using Flight Maneuvers: Kerry Sun, Christopher D. Regan, Demoz Gebre Egziabher, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Gradient Descent Optimization-Based Self-Alignment Algorithm for Stationary SINS: Jingchun Li, Wei Gao, Ya Zhang, Zicheng Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Gravity Model Error Considerations for High-Integrity GNSS-aided INS Operations: Timothy G. Needham and Michael S. Braasch, Ohio University
Integrated Navigation Method Using Marine Inertial Navigation System and Star Sensor Based on Model Predictive Filtering: Wang qiuying*, Zhang minghui, Guo Zheng,College of Information and Communication Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China; Wu Hui, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co., Ltd, China
Real-time Estimation of Dynamic Lever Arm Effect of Transfer Alignment for Wing’s Elastic Deformation: Chenghao Geng, Falin Wu, Shan Xu, Xueyan Zhang, Fan Si, Yan Zhao, Beihang University, P.R. China
Research on Accuracy Analysis and Enhancement of Low-cost MEMS INS/GNSS Integration for Land Vehicle Navigation: Quan Zhang and Xiaoji Niu, Wuhan University, China
Robust Bayesian Filtering for Positioning using GPS & INS in Multipath Environments: Shun Taguchi and Takayoshi Yoshimura, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan
Vibration-based Vehicle Dead Reckoning (VDR) for Localization of Wheeled Vehicles: Masakatsu Kourogi and Takeshi Kurata, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan