PLANS Author Resource Center

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • February 2: Submission of completed paper (in proper form), an electronic Copyright Release Form, and any updates to your biography must be uploaded through the Abstract Management Portal (AMP).
  • March 30: Have hotel reservations made at the official ION hotels.  Reservations may be made online.
  • March 30: Last day to postmark conference registration without a late fee. All authors who are attending the meeting are required to pay registration fees.
  • April 23-26: PLANS Meeting, Hyatt Regency Monterey.
  • May 4: Revised papers and presentations for publication in proceedings will not be accepted after this date.

Submission of Completed Paper for Publication

The conference proceedings are intended to represent those papers which were presented at the meeting. Schedule papers which were not presented at the meeting, for any reason, will not appear in the conference proceedings. Alternate papers will be included in the proceedings if the author attends the speaker breakfast and the session and is ready to present if needed.

Papers not representative of the original abstract submitted will NOT be included in the conference proceedings, regardless of whether or not they were presented at the conference, and may affect the acceptance of future abstracts.

Paper Cancellations – Substitute Presenter Requirements

Should an unforeseen event make it impossible for you to attend the conference to present your paper, please ask a co-author to present your paper on your behalf.  Only co-authors listed on your paper will be permitted to present on your behalf.  If a co-author is not available to present your paper, and the paper needs to be withdrawn, please notify Miriam Lewis at the ION National Office via phone at 703-366-2723, or email at  Please note that only authors who are in attendance at their assigned conference session prepared to present will have their paper published in the conference proceedings.  This applies to both primary and alternate authors.


If you require a travel visa in order to attend this meeting, begin the process immediately to ensure you obtain your visa in time to travel to the meeting.  If you will need a formal invitation letter from the ION, please make your request using the ION Visa Letter Request Form. If your paper must go through any kind of clearance process before it can be released to the public begin the process immediately to ensure you will be able to present your paper at the conference and be included in the published proceedings.