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Create and Upload a Video Abstract

Introduce Your Research with a Video Abstract

A video abstract lets you present your research in your own words. This multimedia format allows you to communicate the background and context of your research in a quick and easy way.

Your video abstract will be uploaded to your article’s webpage on the ION website. It will appear alongside your text abstract.

Benefits of Creating a Video Abstract

  • Broadens your audience
  • Elevates your research from simple print
  • Increases citation counts
  • Sharable on multiple platforms
    • Your social media channels
    • Personal website (if you have one)
    • Conference presentations
    • Grant applications

Guidelines to Produce an Effective, Engaging, and Professional-Looking Video

EQUIPMENT: You can leverage the hardware you already have to create your video. These days, smartphones, computers, and laptops are equipped with high-quality cameras. Another great option is to check your local or university library for equipment to borrow, such as tripods, video cameras, and microphones.

SOUNDS AND LIGHTS: These two components are crucial to making a professional and polished video. Make sure to test your audio before recording your video. If you notice background noises, move to a quieter space. Light should come from in front of you, not behind you. ION recommends using a ring light or other soft but intentional lighting. Position yourself as the central focus so that your upper body fills the screen.

LENGTH: Videos are limited to 3 minutes in length. Remember that this is an opportunity to make your research accessible to viewers outside of your immediate field of study, so keep it short and simple.

SOFTWARE: Most computers and laptops contain user-friendly features to create your own video. Other resources are available through Apple: iMovie and YouTube: Create Videos. ION has also prepared instructions for common desktop applications such as PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

FORMAT: .mov, .mpg, or .mp4


EXAMPLES: Create the video in your home, at your work office, or with others.

How to Submit Your Video Abstract

Once you’ve filmed your video, upload the file by dragging and dropping into the box below. Be sure to include the paper title, authors, volume/issue of the journal article, and your email address. Please allow one week for your video to appear once uploaded.

We look forward to publishing your video.

Contact the ION Editorial Office at if you have any questions.