Vertical Gyroscope
   Vertical Gyro internal view 1.17647058824

Model number: JG7044N

Date manufactured: 1950's

Period/Dates when in use: 1950-60's

Description: Spinning Mass Vertical Gyroscope

Item History: The JG7044N is a vertical spinning mass gyroscope manufactured by Honeywell in the 1950's. The Vertical Gyro is a two-degree of freedom attitude gyro. It provides electrical outputs of the vehicle's pitch and roll angles, which are supplied to various systems including artificial horizons, autopilots, antenna stabilizers, and weapon delivery systems. The Vertical Gyro utilizes a high-inertia spinning motor maintained in the vertical position (aligned with the local gravity vector) by servoeing to a pendulous gravity sensor. The vertically-stabilized spinning mass is mounted in two gimbals (inner = pitch, outer = roll) to decouple it from vehicle motions, while the case of the gyro moves with the vehicle.. Pickoff sensors such as potentiometers, resolvers or synchros are mounted on the gimbals and provide instantaneous pitch and roll output signals as the vehicle maneuvers.

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Vertical Gyro internal view
Vertical Gyro external view

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