Antique Chronometer
   The chronometer is housed in a wood cabinet with a bronze plate affixed to the front indicating that it was a gift from Colin H. McIntosh.  Also seen is an address tag showing McIntosh's Palm Beach, FL address. 0.750469043152

Date manufactured: Between 1860 and 1875.

Period/Dates when in use: 1917-1920

Description: E. Dent Co., Ltd. Chronometer. Serial No. 2037

Item History: Colin H. McIntosh, a founding member and first president of The Institute of Navigation gave this superb antique ship's chronometer to the Institute in 1983.

Before presenting the instrument, McIntosh had it completely overhauled and put into first class operating condition by Thomas Mercer, an English instrument firm. The firm certified a rate of -1 seconds per day following the overhaul.

Included with the instrument are some records showing that it had been used during the period 1917-1920 aboard the schooner Governor Brooks, one of the ships in the France and Canada Steamship Company. McIntosh's father was Executive Vice President of the line at the time.

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