Autopilot Gyroscope
   Autopilot Gyroscope internal view 0.977198697068

Model number: JG7005

Date manufactured: 1950's

Period/Dates when in use: 1950-1960's

Description: Rotational rate gyroscope

Item History: The JG7005 is a mechanical spinning mass rate gyroscope. The Rate Gyro is a single-axis gyroscopic instrument that measures the angular rate of rotation about its input axis. When mounted in a vehicle the output signal can be utilized by autopilots, stabilization systems and turn coordinators for both read-out and control. The rate gyro is commonly mounted in aircraft to sense turn, or yaw, rate, with the output signal fed to the autopilot for turn stability and coordination. In addition, it is used on ships and ground vehicles for stabilization and control. Its development started in the late 1920’s by Elmer Sperry; and Wiley Post, in the first solo round-the-world flight in 1933, took along one of the new Sperry automatic pilots which used gyros. This particular device was manufactured by Honeywell during the 1950’s.

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Autopilot Gyroscope internal view
Autopilot Gyroscope in enclosure

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