Thank you for your interest in the ION Navigation Museum!

The ION welcomes submissions of navigation-related devices, instruments, systems, and know-how for applications in air, space, land and maritime. The museum seeks to educate visitors with a compendium of historical and technical information and illustrate the importance of navigation as it relates to people. Please keep in mind that the museum receives visitors from a variety of fields with varying technical backgrounds.

Guidelines for Submitting an Item:

You may submit an item to the museum in one of two ways:

Submissions will be accepted from individuals, museums, organization, and companies; however, the museum will not include manufactured items to promote commercial products. The item of entry can be a physical item that exists somewhere, a photograph, document to text item. For inclusion into the ION Virtual Museum, navigation-related items should fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • of national and/or international historical importance;
  • the best of its kind;
  • items of contemporary use which have extraordinary future research potential;
  • commonplace navigation items that had a significant impact on how people navigated.

Please provide as much information as possible. When submitting an item, consider the following:

Be sure to provide some background related to what the items is, how it works, and any technical information to help the reader understand its significance in navigation.

Is the item of historical significance or commonplace? If it is historical, try to provide some insight why you believe this item is significant. If the item was commonly used try to explain how it changed the way people navigated or looked at navigation?

New categories and classifications will be added as necessary to suit acceptable items for inclusion. For additional details and guidelines on submitting an item, please see the ION Virtual Navigation Museum Policies & Procedures. You may leave fields blank if you do not have that particular information available.

Your submission will be reviewed by the ION Virtual Museum Editorial Board and staff. You may receive comments and suggested changes back. Once approved, the web page with your information submitted will become public. Thank you for your contribution to the ION Navigation Museum!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the ION Virtual Navigation Editorial Review Board.

Item Name:
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Date of Manufacture:
Dates/Occasions when this item was in service or use:
Description of the item (technical description). Be sure to include how it works, and how it was used in navigation. Include as much technical data as possible (you may attach supporting documents, photos, diagrams, etc. below):
Significance of the item or model (i.e., historical significance; best of its kind; contemporary item of extra ordinary significance; common place item that had a significant impact on how people navigated; etc.):
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You may submit up to four images of each item. Photos must be in JPG or GIF format. Item should be clearly indicated in the photo. Photos should emphasize any unique or characteristic features of the item. The first photo will be the first image displayed to museum visitors.
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You may submit up to four documents for each item. Documents should be in PDF or Word format. Examples of supporting documents are schematics, manuals, historical documents, etc.
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