Focal Point Positioning

Focal Point Positioning

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About Us:
Our vision is to improve every positioning solution

We believe that GNSS is one of the marvels of the modern world. Over a trillion dollars of the US economy and over 800 billion euros of the European economy currently depends on this incredible positioning and timing system. However, the sensitivity and accuracy of current receivers fail the levels of performance 21st century businesses and individuals demand. Our revolutionary technologies transform the capability of all GNSS devices.

Supercorrelation™ is a patented, chipset-level software product for mobiles, wearables and vehicles that revolutionises their positioning ability in urban environments.
- 10x more accurate in urban canyons
- 10x higher integrity
- Sensitivity boost 3-10x indoors
Supercorrelation™ is designed for the modern system-on-a-chip silicon architecture used by all consumer GNSS receivers. It requires no extra hardware or infrastructure, and fits into existing architecture as a software upgrade.

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