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Tony DiFlorio
Regional Sales Manager

Website: spectracom.com

1565 Jefferson Rd
Suite 460
Rochester NY 14623
United States

SecureSync Time and Frequency Synchronization System
GPS/GNSS Simulator Platform
Mobile/Rugged PNT Platforms

About Us:
Spectracom delivers innovative ways to simplify the integration of complex positioning, navigation technologies in unique applications. We explore the possibilities to address today’s challenges with practical solutions within the eco-system of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) by leveraging a set of product platforms such as our GPS/GNSS simulator. Spectracom simulators are affordable, flexible, and user-friendly RF generators. They comprehensively test the integration of GPS, GNSS and other sensors into any location-aware system. Spectracom’s other product platforms integrate GPS receivers with precision oscillators and inertial sensors.