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European GNSS Agency (GSA)

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The GSA, an official European Union Regulatory Agency, is responsible for:
  • Preparing for the successful commercialisation and exploitation of the systems, with a view to smooth functioning, seamless service provision and high market penetration;
  • Ensuring the security accreditation of the system and the establishment and operation of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centres;
  • Accomplishing other tasks entrusted to it by the European Commission, such as managing EU GNSS Framework Programme Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020), the promotion of satellite navigation applications and services, and ensuring the certification of the systems’ components.
  • In addition, under delegation from the European Commission, the GSA assumed responsibility for the operations and service provision for the EGNOS Programme in 2013, and will take up these responsibilities for the Galileo Programme from 2017.
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