Sales Contact:
Stephen Bartlett
Vice President
781-538-5299 X 108

Website: www.ursanav.com

85 Rangeway Road
Suite 110, Building 3
North Billerica, MA 01862

About Us:
The name UrsaNav and our corresponding logo, which originated from the constellation Ursa Major (“The Bear”), signifies our ever-expanding scope and quest to press forward beyond physical and intellectual boundaries—just as the stars are numberless in the sky.

To say UrsaNav pioneers new frontiers is an understatement. Conceiving of innovative solutions to complex problems is one of our primary strengths. The subject matter experts at UrsaNav design inventive and quick turn-around solutions to custom requirements on a daily basis; this is the backbone of the company. The advanced engineering and information technology support UrsaNav imparts to customers extends across many areas from radio, radar, 3-D Sonar and Inertial Navigation; to Position, Navigation and Timing solutions; Web and database applications; and to Radar Navigation and Surveillance. The products we design and deploy, and the subsequent follow-on services included, improve operations for a diverse clientele.

The technological advances forged, and the subsequent innovative products developed by UrsaNav are key to the company’s future success. Our programmers, engineers, field technicians, program managers, subject matter experts, and support staff professionals have a shared interest in a more productive tomorrow—and it shows. The goal is to solve tomorrow’s challenges by exploring all possibilities and to embark upon new frontiers. This collective vision has led to specialized products such as the Ursa Navigator (UN-100™), a scalable Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Gateway system; a Pirates Alert and Tracking System (PATS); a 3-D Sonar System (UN-400™); a Loran-based low-frequency, small footprint Terrestrial Positioning System (TPS); and more. These state-of-the-art technological innovations eclipse any other technology currently available.