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Ideal Aerosmith has been providing solutions to its customers since 1938. What started as an avionics instruments lab, the company evolved through the development of the Scorsby Motion table and early automated test equipment (ATE) to become the versatile turnkey test solutions provider it is today.

Ideal Aerosmith has expertise in inertial guidance, build-to-print, ATE, as well as modeling and simulation. To support Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) domain needs, Ideal Aerosmith offers a range of products: One-, two- and three-axis rate table systems for inertial sensors/systems testing and verification; flight motion simulators for hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing of seekers, guidance modules, navigation modules, control (GNC) modules or entire missile/aircraft systems; and complex avionics test equipment, including SATCOM, RF and dedicated airline testers.

In step with agile development of modern technologies, Ideal Aerosmith offers a wide variety of services to support short development/production cycles, from a built-to-print service with fast turnarounds to testing-as-a-service in a fully equipped inertial testing lab in Phoenix, Arizona. Its complete turnkey solutions transform test equipment into an independent decision-making unit by planning, collecting, analyzing and implementing results of the testing. It operates with integrated engineering, manufacturing and support teams out of four locations in the United States.

Ideal Aerosmith can help with your next challenge by delivering products and solutions on time and with the best value proposition in the industry. Visit, and move forward together.