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Website: www.kvh.com

50 Enterprise Center
Middletown, RI 02842

About Us:
KVH Industries, Inc. (KVH) designs and manufactures stabilized tracking antennas, as well as guidance and stabilization products (Fiber Optic Gyros and Navigation Systems). KVH designs and manufacturers open loop Fiber Optic Gyros (FOGs). We fabricate our own proprietary “D”-shaped fiber, which is then made into optical components such as couplers, polarizers and complete optical circuits incorporated in the FOG product line.

KVH FOGs are marketed under the trade names DSP-1500, DSP-3000, DSP-3100, DSP-3400, and DSP-4000 (see datasheets included with this RFI). Utilizing the FOG technology as the basis for state of the art inertial measurement units, KVH also manufactures the TG-6000 IMU and soon to be released CG-5100 IMU. Through a direct partnership with NovAtel, KVH was able to bring together cutting edge GPS technology with our market-leading inertial measurement unit and create the CNS-5000 GNSS solution. KVH also designs and manufactures Fluxgate Compasses, Navigation Systems, and mobile Satellite Communications antennas.