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Acutronic USA, Inc.

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About Us:
ACUTRONIC is the world's leading manufacturer of motion simulators for the aviation, space, defense and automotive industries. The group employs a total of about 120 people located in Pittburgh (USA) and Zurich (Switzerland).

ACUTRONIC's intellectual property portfolio represents approximately 99% of the worldwide installed base of HWIL flight motion simulation systems as the company owns the assets of Contraves Goerz and CARCO Electronics. ACUTRONIC continues to leverage this technology base, together with the ACUTROL®3000, the dominant digital motion controller for HWIL simulation systems, to advance the state of the art in HWIL simulation technology.

Motion simulators designed and produced by ACUTRONIC make it possible for the customer to accurately reproduce roll, pitch and yaw motion in the laboratory. To accurately reproduce the real environment, a temperature chamber is often a requirement. Thereby all motion sequences can be tested with the conditions the test article is likely to experience in the real world. This helps significantly in accelerating the development phase for new products and lowers the overall R & D costs.

Products available from ACUTRONIC range from small, single-axis simulators for the automotive industry to three-axis simulators for flight motion profiling to five-axis simulator systems for the defense industry.

Established in 1973, ACUTRONIC pioneered the development of the first truly digital motion control system for inertial navigation testing and hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) flight motion simulation applications. Today, the ACUTROL®3000 digital motion controller is unparalleled for these applications, with more than 320 field-proven units installed worldwide. In 2005, ACUTRONIC acquired the assets of CARCO Electronics, thereby consolidating a more than 40-year heritage of motion system technology and products with the ACUTRONIC product line.