Session B3: PNT Open Systems Architecture


Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Location: Ballroom B

Session Chairs:
Lynetta Grajeda
NIWC Pacific
Douglas Burch
Collins Aerospace

8:35 a.m. Making ASPN Real: Development of full ASPN-R Interface for Use in PNT Systems: Branden McNally, Benjamin Fain, Mark Smearcheck, Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL/RYWN; John Raquet, Kyle Kauffman, Michael Dillon, Ken Fisher, Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S)
8:55 a.m. OUSD PNT Reference Architecture: Incorporating NAVWAR Compliance: Adam Schofield, DEVCOM ARL; Meghan Bentz, DEVCOM C5ISR Center; Leah Davis, Strategic Technology Consulting
9:15 a.m. AFRL OpenPNT Testbed, an Open System Architecture Enabling a Network of Interoperable PNT Elements: Timothy J. Kelly, Luke Littleton-Strand, Microchip; Jeremy D. Warriner, Agalti; Andrew T. Baster, AFRL/RYWN; John Raquet, IS4S
9:35 a.m. Resilient Navigation Configuration Analysis with Real-Time Assurance Capability: Andrew Appleget, ANT Center, Air Force Institute of Technology; Jared Kresge, Jonathon Accurso, CAL Analytics; Clark Taylor, Air Force Institute of Technology; Sean Calhoun, CAL Analytics
1. Implementation of Open System Architecture Software: Brian Youngman and Brent Abbott, Orolia Defense and Security
2. Design and Test Results of a Modular, Open Architecture Software Defined Radio for Position, Navigation and Timing: Alison Brown, Jarrett Redd, Tom Silva and Dien Nguyen, NAVSYS Corporation
3. Use of MOSA Approach for Rapid Integration of Psionic SurePath into Army PNT System: Jeffrey Monaco, Jason Hull, Mark Christman, Jon Ward, Corin Sandford, Phil Works, Brian Devey, Psionic Daniel Marietta, Joseph Rufo, Michael Dillon, Natasha Norris, Emma Burgess, John Raquet, Integrated Solutions for Systems

Break: 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m., Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by EMCORE