Session A6: SatNav System Experimentation


Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Time: 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Session Chairs:
John Langer
The Aerospace Corporation
Mark Crews
Lockheed Martin

10:50 a.m. On Demand PNT (OD-PNT) Demonstration System Design and Testing: P. Axelrad, D. Akos, H. Bourne, B. Breitsch, M. Dobbin, A. Kenyon, R. Kingsbury, J. Morton, S. Palo, S. Taylor (University of Colorado Boulder), L. Scott (Logan Scott Consulting), K. Pham (AFRL)
11:10 a.m. NTS-3 Data Signal Test Results: Greg Myer, Formerly Canyon Consulting; Jerrid Plymale, Canyon Consulting; Joanna Hinks, AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate
11:30 a.m. The NTS-3 On-Orbit Experiment Schedule: Joanna Hinks and Arlen Biersgreen, AFRL
11:50 a.m. Analysis of NTS-3 Satellite Clock Stability using Ground-Based Measurements: Natalia Shu, Charles Zhou, Kyle Martin, Joanna Hinks, AFRL
1. Development of an Advanced Satnav Signal Synthesizer and Transmitter for Test and Validation Applications: Eric Hahn, Sanjeev Gunawardena, Logan Reich, Tristan Williams, Air Force Institute of Technology; Joanna Hinks, AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate
2. Lunar Navigation Satellite System Trade Space Analysis for In-Space Rescue Applications: Benjamin Johnis, Kaitlin Roberts, Sanjeev Gunawardena, Robert Bettinger, Air Force Institute of Technology

Attendee Lunch: 12:15 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. - Exhibit Hall