JNC Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

for JNC2023 and JNC2024


1. INSTITUTE: The word “Institute” means the Institute of Navigation, acting through its officers, directors, committees, agents or employees acting for it in the management of the exhibition.

2. ION® Logo (use of). Exhibitors are prohibited from using the ION® logo, and the ION® Military Division logo.

3. AUXILIARY SERVICES. Decorating, drapery, furniture rental, drayage, sign painting, antenna wiring and labor will be handled by the exclusive JNC designated show decorator. Payment for services provided to the Exhibitor by contractor is the responsibility of the Exhibitor. All services not ordered in advance must be procured through the Exhibitors’ Service Area, which will be maintained in the Exhibit Hall. Online forms for ordering auxiliary services (Exhibitors’ Service Manual) will be supplied to you electronically 60 days prior to show time from the assigned show decorator.

4. BOOTH CONSTRUCTION AND ARRANGEMENT. The Institute will provide and arrange for erection of necessary draped backgrounds of uniform style. All exhibits must be confined to the limits of their respective booths as indicated on the floor plan. Back wall of booth is eight feet high; side dividers are 36 inches high. No special signs, booth construction, apparatus, equipment, lighting fixtures, etc. will be permitted to extend above eight feet. Exhibit material must not be set up so as to interfere with the view into adjoining booths. All materials must conform to local building, electrical and fire department codes and regulations.

5. BADGES. The exhibit is limited to individuals, firms and government agencies who have contracted and paid for space assignments. The Exhibitor and its representatives must meet security, attentance/entry requirements, and are required to wear badges throughout the exhibition. The badges are not transferable, and the Institute reserves the right to withdraw the use of the badge used to gain admission to the Exhibition by any person other than the one for whom it was issued.

6. CARE OF EXHIBIT SPACE. The Exhibitor must, at his expense, maintain and keep in good order the exhibit space contracted. No sign or other articles may be affixed, nailed or otherwise attached to walls, doors, drapery, etc., so as to deface or destroy them; likewise, no attachments may be made to floors by nails, screws or other devices that might damage or mark them. Exhibitors shall be responsible for damage to property.

7. PERMISSIBLE EXHIBITS. All business activities of the Exhibitor in the Exhibit Hall must be within the Exhibitor’s allotted exhibit space.

8. SALE OR DISTRIBUTION OF MERCHANDISE. Exhibitors may show, discuss, explain and demonstrate items or services but shall not make sales that result in exchange of merchandise or money in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors engaging in objectionable methods shall be subject to eviction without refund.

9. SUBLETTING OF SPACE. Exhibitor may not assign this contract, or sublet any space in his exhibit areas contracted for hereunder.

10. INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS. Please see the ION website at www.ion.org/jnc for setup and dismantle hours Any exhibitor who begins to dismantle their booth during show hours will:

1. Be fined $1000 per 10’ x 10’ booth space and agrees to pay the same upon presentation of invoice.

2. Be ineligible for priority booth placement for the following year’s show. Please make sure that this is communicated to all employees that will be staffing future exhibit booths at JNC, as no exceptions will be made on the above policies.

11. EXHIBITOR HOUSING. Housing information will be printed in the JNC conference program. The Institute encourages you to make hotel reservations early. Hotel reservations shall be made at the discretion and expense of the individual exhibitor.

12. SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. The Institute does not restrict social functions in hotel suites with the exception of the request that these functions terminate prior to midnight.

13. CANVASSING AND OTHER ACTIVITIES. No person, firm or organization not having contracted with the Institute for the occupancy of space in the Exhibition will be permitted to display or demonstrate its products, processes or services, or distribute promotional materials in the conference hotel, exhibit hall or meeting facility halls or corridors. Any infringements of this rule will result in the prompt removal of the offending persons from the hall, and exhibitors waive any and all rights for claims against the Institute arising out of the enforcement of this rule. Circulars or other promotional material may be distributed only from the exhibitor’s booth space. THE INSTITUTE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT, CANCEL, REMOVE OR RESTRICT EXHIBITORS WHO, BECAUSE OF NOISE OR ANY OTHER REASON, SHALL INTERFERE WITH THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE EXHIBITION AS A WHOLE.

14. LIABILITY. Neither the Institute, the management of JNC or the operators of the premises (NKY Convention Center, its agents or employees) shall be held liable for injuries to any persons or for damage to property owned or controlled by the Exhibitor, which claims for damages or injuries may be incident to, arise from or be in any way connected with the Exhibitor’s occupation of display space, or on account of the neglect by Exhibitor of any rule, regulation or instruction of the Institute; or any rule, regulation or instruction of the premises; or on account of violation of any law, ordinance or governmental regulation of any kind. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the Institute, the management of JNC and the operators of the premise harmless against all such claims.

15. INDEMNIFICATION BY EXHIBITOR. It is agreed that the Exhibitor shall make no claim of any kind against the Institute operator of premises or against any of the Institute’s agents or employees for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of goods; nor for any injury that may occur to itself or its employees while in the Exhibition Hall; nor for any damage of any nature or character whatsoever, and without limiting the foregoing, including any damage to its business by reason of the failure to provide space for an exhibit or removal of the exhibit, or for any action the Institute or its participants, agents or employees in relation to the exhibit or Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor shall be solely responsible to its own agents and employees and to all third persons, including invitees and the public for all claims, liabilities, actions, costs, damages and expenses arising out of or relating to the custody, possession, operation, maintenance or control of the leased space or exhibit, for negligence or otherwise relating thereto; and Exhibitor thereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Institute and its agents and employees and the operator of the premises, against any and all such claims as may be asserted against it or them.

16. PHOTOGRAPHS. Presence of all your employees/representatives at the JNC constitutes your agreement that they be photographed in connection with the conference and your agreement that their name or likeness may be distributed or displayed in connection with any program created from the conference without any compensation being paid to you or your employees/representatives.

17. INSURANCE. Exhibitors must carry worker’s compensation and comprehensive general liability (including personal injury and blanket contractual liability).

18. CONFERENCE POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATIONS. the Institute at its discretion, shall have the right to postpone or cancel the conference and exhibit and shall be liable in no way to the Exhibitor for losses resulting from such delay or cancellation.

19. LABOR. Skilled labor is available and may be utilized to erect and dismantle all exhibits and any decorations. All labor requirements can be acquired from the show decorator.

20. SECURITY. Minimal security will be provided by The Institute throughout the exhibition, including set-up and tear-down days. Any theft is to be reported to show management at once. Exhibitor must provide adequate insurance in own insurance policies for theft. Booth security is available at an additional fee to Exhibitors.

21. STORAGE BEHIND BOOTH. Because of fire regulations, NO STORAGE will be allowed behind booth. If any Exhibitor has special problems in this area, please advise the show decorator during set-up.

22. SIGNS. A two-line standard sign (7-by-44 inches) is furnished without cost to Exhibitors, including booth number, and company name. Additional signs may be ordered through the show decorator.

23. SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS. Delivery receipts, waybills and bills of lading are to show weight, number of pieces and classification. Shipment to warehouse should be timed to arrive no earlier than thirty days prior to the opening of the conference. Questions regarding shipping should be directed to the show decorator.

24. MISCELLANEOUS a. PARKING AVAILABILITY. Parking is available at the venue. Parking fees at the Exhibitor’s expense. b. SMOKING. Smoking will not be permitted in the Exhibit Hall.