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Silicon Designs, Inc. builds rugged, world-renowned industrial-grade variable capacitance MEMS accelerometers with integrated amplification, full-scale sensitivity from 2g to 400g, and an extremely rugged design for DC to medium frequency applications. SDI's accelerometers are offered in surface-mount and plug-and-play module formats for universal usability, while SDI's specialty surface-mount accelerometer models support the stability needs of inertial navigation and high-temp survivability for downhole drilling. SDI’s miniature capacitive accelerometer technology has received critical acclaim for innovation and military-to-commercial versatility. Over 30 years of experience makes SDI a MEMS accelerometer expert. As the OEM of the MEMS accelerometers, SDI is able to provide exclusive benefits to customers otherwise absent in the industry. All of SDI’s accelerometers are built in-house, in the USA, which results in superb quality and the fastest lead times, plus the capabilities for qualification, custom specifications, and private-label solutions. SDI uses military standards for production, guaranteeing a level of quality seldom found in similar accelerometers.