JNC Attendance and Clearance Requirements

Conference Attendance Requirements

The conference will be hosted in a U.S. Only, For Official Use Only (FOUO) environment June 1-3 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, KY, and a classified environment on June 4 at the Air Force Institute of Technology on Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. Advance visit requests and approvals are required for all attendees.

  • June 1-3 (FOUO Sessions): JNC technical sessions at the NKCC are hosted in a U.S. Only, For Official Use Only (FOUO), environment. Entry is restricted. Participation will be restricted to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors. Photography, audio or video recording of any FOUO presentation is strictly prohibited. Conference badges must be visible at all times and photo ID may be requested at any time.
  • June 4 (Classified Sessions): Participation for the classified sessions will be restricted U.S. Government agencies and their contractors with a Secret Clearance.
  • Exhibit hall (June 2-3): The JNC exhibit hall will be accessible by all conference participants, exhibiting organizations, and related organizations who possess a valid conference badge, as well as accompanying guests during the exhibitor-hosted reception. All materials displayed in the exhibit hall shall be publically releasable (Distribution A). All JNC participants shall restrict all conversations to those permissible in the public domain.

FOUO U.S. Only Sessions (June 1-3)

All U.S. ONLY FOUO sessions and exhibits will be held in a U.S. ONLY FOUO environment at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. Participation will be restricted to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors. To attend you must provide the following:

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship. 
  2. Visit Request/including a Need-to-Know Statement (Need-to-Know not required if using JPAS) 
  3. Photo ID 
  4. JNC Conference Badge and Paid Registration

Visit Request and Need-to-Know Statements

  • All Visit Requests must be received by May 1, 2020 and be validated by the JNWC Security Office.
  • Prospective U.S. attendees must submit their Visit Authorization Requests through JPAS to JPAS SMO: JNC2020. JPAS visit request POC field must be filled with “JNC 2020” instead of a POC name.
  • If JPAS is not an option fill out the Visit Request Form

It is recommended that personnel planning to attend the FOUO or classified sessions verify that their Visit Request has been received and validated by the JNWC security office prior to making any travel arrangements. Visit authorization requests received after May 1, 2020 may not be processed.

Visit Request Contact:

Mark Correll, Security Specialist
Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Phone: 505-853-1166
Fax: 505-853-6677
E-mail: mark.correll.2.ctr@us.af.mil

Classified U.S. ONLY Sessions (June 4)

The classified sessions will be held in a classified U.S. ONLY environment at:

Air Force Institute of Technology
2950 Hobson Way
WPAFB, OH 45433

Information required for visit requests

  • Classification: Secret
  • Visit Type: One Time
  • Request Type: Facility Invitation
  • Request Category: Government
  • Anticipated Level of Classified Information: Secret
  • Visit Dates: 4 June 2020
  • Purpose of Visit: Attend the 2020 Joint Navigation Conference, WPAFB, Ohio
  • Facility Information: Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Name: Joint Navigation Warfare Center/USSTRATCOM
  • Program/Agreement: Navigation Warfare MOU
  • Knowledgeable US POC:

    Name: Mark Correll
    Phone: 505-853-1166
    Fax: 505-853-6677
    Email: mark.correll.2.ctr@us.af.mil
    Organization: Joint Navigation Warfare Center/USSTRATCOM

  • Note that seating for the classified session is limited. It is highly recommended you submit your visit request as early as possible to secure a seat.
  • All visit requests must be received by May 1, 2020 and be approved by the JNWC Security Office.