JNC Presenter Resource Center

What to Do When You Arrive at the Conference

  • Check in at the registration desk to pick up your conference badge. A government issued photo ID will be required. Presenters are required to pay conference registration fees and complete the mandatory visit request/entry validation.
  • Test your presentation on the ION computer located near the registration desk. Presentation files display in various ways on different computers. ION provides a "test" computer so you can check fonts, graphics and multimedia content.
  • Upload your final presentation to the Abstract Management Portal. You can do this from your own computer or from the Presenter Upload Station provided near the conference registration desk. 

On the Day of Your Presentation

  • Check in with your Session Chairs at the Presenters/Speakers' Meal (held on the day of your presentation). Attending the Presenter/Speakers' Meal is required to preserve your scheduled presentation time (see "Mandatory Presenter/Speakers' Meal").
  • Copy your presentation to the conference laptop in your session room before the session begins.  Copying your files onto the computer before the session begins allows for a smooth, fast transition between presentations.
  • For your presentation to be included in the FEDCON conference proceedings, upload your presentation file directly to the Abstract Management Portal and complete the online release form. If you require the signature of a third party, a PDF Copyright Release Form may be uploaded to AMP or emailed to meetings@ion.org.

Mandatory Presenter/Speakers' Meals

The presenter of each brief (for both primary and alternate presentations) are required to attend the presenter/speakers' meal on the day of their brief presentation(s):

  • FEDCON Speakers' Breakfasts: Tuesday-Thursday from 7:30 - 8:15 a.m. 
  • Classified Session Speakers' Meeting: Thursday, 1:00 - 1:45 p.m., for all those presenting during the next day's Classified Session. No meal is served at this Speakers' Meeting; be sure to partake in conference lunch before attending.

The person making the oral presentation for each brief, as well as the presenter representing each alternate presentation, should attend. The purpose of this breakfast is to allow the Session Chairs to meet each of the presenters, to collect your biographical information, coordinate any last minute details, and demonstrate audio-visual equipment and the presentation timing system.

If you are not in attendance at the speakers' meal on the day of your brief presentation(s), the Session Chairs will allocate your presentation time to another presenter; your briefing will be canceled and will not be included in the FEDCON conference proceedings.