JNC Presenter Resource Center

Submission of Completed Brief for CUIConference Proceedings

The CUI conference proceedings are intended to represent those briefs that were presented at the meeting. Briefs that were not presented at the meeting, for any reason, will not appear in the CUI conference proceedings.

The following must be received by June 20 in order for your brief to be included in the CUI conference proceedings:

  1. Electronic version of final briefs (PDF)
    • Brief must be marked as “CUI”, “Distribution C” or “Distribution A” as defined by the Defense Technical Information Center. Briefs with any other distribution restrictions will NOT be included in the CUI conference proceedings.
    • Files may not be password protected or otherwise restricted.
    • Brief must be submitted via the Abstract Management Portal. If for any reason you are unable to upload your brief electronically as instructed, you may mail/courier a CD of your briefing to ION, Attn: Miriam Lewis, 8551 Rixlew Ln, Ste 360, Manassas, VA 20109. Note that ION will not establish specialized login/download protocol in order to download copies of your brief from your company’s server/email system.
  2. JNC Copyright Release Form
    A copyright release form must be submitted to have your briefing published in the CUI conference proceedings. You may complete this form online by viewing your abstract in the Abstract Management Portal.

Briefs will not be accepted after June 20.