JNC Presenter Resource Center

Important Dates and Deadlines

May 3:

  • The last day to register for the conference without a late fee. (Presenters are required to pay registration fees.) Register at www.ion.org/jnc.
  • Have hotel reservations made at an official JNC hotel. You can make a reservation here

May 12:

  • Last day to make changes to your briefing title or author list in the ION’s Abstract Management Portal (AMP) to have changes reflected in the printed onsite program and meeting signage.
  • Last day to make changes to the primary presenter biography in the ION’s AMP that will be used for briefing introduction purposes.
  • Submit your clearance through DISS, or submit a Visit Request Form to the JNWC Security Office. Contact information is included on the Visit Request Form. Please note that speakers are required to submit a Visit Request Form.

June 9: Last day to upload presentation files to AMP to be automatically loaded on the conference laptop the day of your session.

June 12-15: JNC 2023.

  • Attend the mandatory Presenter/Speaker's Breakfast the day of your briefing.
  • Bring presentation files on removable media, or plan to use your own HDMI compatible laptop, if you have not uploaded your presentation to AMP by the June 9 deadline.

June 20: Due date for briefs and copyright release forms for inclusion in the CUI conference proceedings. Briefs and copyright release forms received after this date will not be accepted.

Mandatory Presenter/Speakers' Breakfast

The presenter of each brief (for both primary and alternate presentations) is required to attend the Speakers' Breakfast/Meeting on the day of their presentation(s):

  • CUI Speakers' Breakfasts: Monday-Thursday from 7:30 - 8:15 a.m. in Palm Room 1-4.

The person making the oral presentation for each brief, as well as the presenter representing each alternate presentation, should attend. The purpose of this breakfast is to allow the Session Chairs to meet each of the presenters, to collect your biographical information, coordinate any last-minute details, and demonstrate audio-visual equipment and the presentation timing system.

If you are not in attendance at the speakers' meal on the day of your brief, the Session Chairs will allocate your presentation time to another presenter; your briefing will be canceled and will not be included in the CUI conference proceedings.