Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Christoph Enneking, Friederike Fohlmeister, Markus Rippl, Michael Meurer, German Aerospace Center, Germany; Michael Felux, ZHAW; Ioana Gulie, David Rüegg, Airbus Defence and Space; Joseph Griggs, Collins Aerospace; Rémy Lazzerini, Florent Hagemann, Francois Tranchet, Airbus Operation SAS; Pierre Bouniol, Thales Avionics; Matteo Sgammini, Joint Research Center of the European Commission

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This paper proposes DFMC airborne multipath models and antenna error models derived from measurement and supported by simulations. Based on the data evaluated, new multipath models (including the contribution from the antenna) for Galileo E1 and GPS L1 and Galileo E5a and GPS L5 are discussed. Furthermore, a model for the Ionosphere-Free combination of the signals is proposed.