I. Blinov, N. Kosheliaevsky, and A. Naumov, VNIIFTRI Department of Metrology for Time and Space, Russia

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Last year during PTTI 2020 we delivered special talk on timing problems in Russia in connections with coming continuous UTC changes [1]. Today, one year later, we understand this step considerably better – inside Russia situation looks like stick in unthill. Many governmental agencies and ministries, first of all the State Service for Time and Frequency, Roscosmos and Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, are rush. We started better understand that time penetrates in all aspects of our live and activities and coming changes will need too much time, resources and investment. The trigger meeting on the issue of continuous UTC consequences happened in Roscosmos on 1 November 2019 were GLONASS general designer Sergey Karutin proposed to set up special project to ensure the navigation safety of the Rus-sian Federation in terms of the GLONASS system in connection with a possible change in the definition of the UTC scale. As a result, within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Maintenance, Development and Use of the GLONASS System for 2012 - 2020" project "Development of a program for ensuring national security in the context of redefining coordinated uni-versal time" was started. Very preliminary results were reported in our last year communication. Here we will go into further details and apart from space GLONASS components will revise it’s terrestrial infrastructure and on land long and very long wave navigation system. Basing on this analysis we forward proposals on DUT value and duration of transient period for implementation a continuous UTC time scale. In preparation for the use of a continuous UTC scale and in pursuance of the recommendations of Resolution 655 (WRC-15) “Determination of time scales and time signals using radiocommunication systems” in February 2020, a meeting was held at VNIIFTRI between the Director of the BIPM PhD M.Milton and the Director of the BIPM Time Department PhD P. Tavella with leading officials and experts of the State Time and Frequency Service of the Russian Federation on the practi-cal implementation of the 2nd Resolution 26 of the General Conference on Weights and Measures "On the definition of time scales”. The key issues of this meeting will be presented in our contribution.