Soeren Schoenbrod, Michael Niestroj, Marius Brachvogel, Chair of Navigation, RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Michael Meurer, Chair of Navigation, RWTH Aachen University & German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany

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A conventional Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) is not able to distinguish between temporally correlated signals. Instead, the loop will track the sum of those signals. This is obstructive for position estimation based on carrier-phase measurements. In this case a multipath or spoofing signal will cause so called cycle-slips. Promising methods to distinguish between temporally correlated signals are based on the spatial domain. The recent proposed method to estimate the attitude and position in presence of spoofing and jamming signals using an antenna-array will be extended in such a way that the estimation will be tightly integrated into the tracking loop. Since the proposed method is able to distinguish between authentic and spoofing signals based on their spatial information, the carrier phase of the authentic signal can be tracked exclusively, whereas the conventional PLL would have tracked the summation of both signals. Cycle-slips due to temporally signals are, therefore, less likely.