Nino De Falcis, Oscilloquartz

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This session will discuss the best practices and architecture strategies to time-sync secure, resilient smart grids, with complex inverted distributed energy resources (DERs) like wind farms, solar plants, and battery storages. It will also address sync strategies to prevent, defend, and mitigate cyberthreats that are at an all-time high, putting critical energy infrastructure at risk of being hacked and disabled, including positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services. Timing enables positioning and navigation services and is a critical asset used for precise network time synchronization, including accurately locating power line faults, synchronizing distributed control processes and load flows, with rerouting power flows away from transmission outages, and balancing power supply and demand by precisely timestamping the data records of end-to-end network grid. Additionally, best practices in cost-effective sync architectures by type of grid site, from core to substation to DER, will be presented to empower grid operators to effectively plan sync for their complex, all-IP network digital transformation.