Gérard Petit and Frédéric Meynadier, BIPM, France

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GNSS Precise Point Positioning with integer ambiguity resolution (IPPP) has been shown in recent years to provide time stability and frequency accuracy of order 1x10-16 typically within one week of averaging and reaching the low 10-17 range in 20-30 days. It could provide significant improvement over the techniques currently used for UTC links if the necessary satellite clock products are available in time for the UTC computation. We have performed IPPP computations in deferred time each month over more than a year for selected UTC links. Most of these links also provide Two-way satellite time transfer results, either using SATRE modems only (TWSTFT) or with SATRE emitters and Software-Defined Radio receivers (TWSDRR). We present results of time links comparisons between IPPP, PPP, TWSTFT and TWSDRR and discuss the inferred stabilities of the techniques