Joint ITM/PTTI Tutorials

Dr. David Scherer, MITRE, Tutorials Chair

New Visions for Clocks and Time Distribution From Space

ION is pleased to announce a joint ITM/PTTI tutorial session on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. The day-long series of tutorial talks will bring together a group of international experts from government, academia, and industry on the topics of clocks and time transfer from space. Topics will range from system-level discussions of time dissemination from space to technical overviews of novel atomic clocks, clock state estimation, and optical time transfer.

Tutorials will be open to all in-person PTTI and ITM attendees. 

Morning Tutorials:

Afternoon Tutorials:

  • Kalman Filtering and its Use in Clock Estimation: Dr. Steve Langel, The MITRE Corporation
  • Two-way Laser Links and Optical Clocks for Space-Time Referencing, Dr. Leo Hollberg, Stanford University
  • CSACs for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing in Space, Dr. Penina Axelrad, The University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Click here for schedule, course descriptions, and presenter details.