Session P5: Timescales, Algorithms, and Timing Services


Date: Thursday, January 27, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 10:05 a.m.
Location: Beacon A
Session Chairs:
Dr. Jian Yao
Dr. Demetrios Matsakis

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1. Increasing the Resilience of a UTC Realization by Steering Multiple Ensembles : Jeffrey Zhu and Michael J. Coleman, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
2. Perspectives on the Systematic (type B) Uncertainties of UTC-UTC(k) : Demetrios Matsakis, Masterclock, Inc.
3. The NRL-USNO Time-Transfer Testbed : Christine Hackman and Ken Senior, Advanced Space PNT Branch, United States Naval Research Laboratory
4. Best Sync Practices & Architecture Strategies for Secure, Resilient PNT in Smart Grids : Nino De Falcis, Oscilloquartz
Virtual Presentations
Pre-recorded presentations will become available for viewing by registered attendees on Tuesday, January 25.
  Client and Server Considerations when using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) : Steven Sommars, Consultant
  Machine Learning-based Adaptive Clock Synchronization Technique for Ground-based Navigation System : Xinyang Zhao, Bocheng Zhu, Department of Electronics, Peking University, China
  Pulsed Optical Timing Distribution System with Subps Accuracy for Applications in Geodesy : Pablo N. Dominguez, Tobias D. Schmidt, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany; Ross Boland, Richard Zeltner, Ronald Holzwarth, Menlo Systems GmbH, Germany; Thomas Klügel, Federal Agency of Cartography and Geodesy, Geodetic Observatory Wettzell; Jan Kodet, Ulrich Schreiber, Technical University Munich, Germany
  Report on UTC Activities at the European Space Agency : P. Waller, C. Plantard, European Space Research and Technology Centre – ESTEC, The Netherlands; E. Schoenemann, F. Reckeweg, S. Mejri, A. Di Mira, European Space Operation Centre – ESOC, Germany
  Resilient, Trustworthy, Ubiquitous Time Transfer using DTM and NTP : Ricardo Píriz, Esteban Garbin, Raúl Nieto, GMV, Spain; Magnus Danielson, Javier González, Net Insight; Dirk Piester, Andreas Bauch, Kristof Teichel, PTB; Gianluca Caparra, Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira, ESA, Netherlands
  Updates on UTC(NRC) Generation and Dissemination : Bin Jian, Scott Beattie, André Charbonneau, and Marina Gertsvolf, National Research Council Canada, Canada

12:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.: Awards Luncheon - Late arrivals will not be served after 12:30 p.m.