COVID-19 and ITM 2021

The health and safety of our conference attendees and exhibitors is a priority, and we understand the concerns raised by COVID-19.

We understand the considerable effort invested in planning travel to attend events (both attendees, technical presenters and exhibitors) and the burden placed on those trying to make travel decisions. In addition, we understand that many attendees are required to follow travel policies as established by their organizations.

We will continue to engage health and security authorities on any planned or anticipated COVID-19-related measures that would impact our events. Should this situation necessitate changes in our event schedule, we will communicate with you directly and on this website.

In the meantime, we have adopted measures to minimize any potential impact at Institute of Navigation events.

What measures have been implemented by The Institute of Navigation to address attendee’s COVID-19 concerns?

The U.S. Government has taken steps to mitigate the concerns regarding COVID-19. Individuals and organizations will still be in a position to come to ION events as long as they are not in the U.S. government-mandated quarantine window. 

We strongly urge exhibitors and attendees to implement appropriate guidelines and protocols as suggested by the CDC and other health officials. Up-to-date CDC advice can be found here:

A “no-handshake policy” at ION events is among the measures being suggested to protect the health of attendees. Additional onsite tools for registrants, exhibitors and onsite personnel include the following:

  • Increased availability of hand sanitizing stations
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, including computers and microphones
  • Reduced transfer of physical materials at registration
  • Create an environment to promote a ‘touch-free’ exhibition and conference:
    • Reduce/eliminate business card exchanges
    • Exhibitors: Utilize the available lead retrieval system for gathering leads electronically
    • Attendees: We encourage you to utilize available technologies like the ION conference mobile site, iPhone AirDrop, or other available services to share contact information

What if someone is not feeling well and/or develops flu-like symptoms, but is planning to attend an ION event?

Regardless of any other circumstances, it is still cold and flu season. We would ask that all participants exercise discretion in attending ION events. If you are feeling feverish or otherwise ill, please exercise common sense and do not attend the conference that day.

If appropriate, get medical attention for an appropriate diagnosis. As always, cover your coughs and sneezes. Hand sanitizers are helpful, but the CDC recommends thorough washing of hands, and cleaning of surfaces as the best prevention for spread of germs and viruses.

What options are available for attendees who may not be able to attend the event due to corporate policies or U.S. Government imposed travel restrictions/quarantines?

We suggest you wait to register until you have received travel authorization from your sponsor. Once you register, the Institute anticipates your participation and incurs financial liabilities for you. If you find it necessary to cancel after having registered and paid due to a change in your sponsoring organization’s travel policy, regular conference cancellation policies will apply.  

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