ITM Author Resource Center

Session Chair Responsibilities

Thank you for agreeing to be a session chair. This Author Resource Center is designed to help all authors, presenters, and session chairs prepare for the conference.

As the Meeting Approaches

  • Make contact with each of the authors scheduled to present in your session to verify that their papers and presentation videos have been completed, and that their paper authorization cycle has been completed.
  • If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to send them a letter of introduction and provide them with your contact information so that they know how to reach you should the need arise.
  • Please notify the National Office of any program changes that are brought to your attention so that we can ensure that your session’s signage and other on-site materials are as accurate as possible.  Any program correction/changes received by the National Office prior to January 4 will be reflected in the onsite program.
  • All session chairs are required to pay registration fees. The last day to postmark registration forms without a late fee is January 4.

Program and Scheduling

The complete program brochure is available on the ION website:   Any program corrections/changes received by the National Office prior to January 4 will be reflected in the online program.

Your Responsibilities as an ION Session Chair

  • Peer review the ITM papers received by December 1st. Two individual peer reviews per paper are required.
  • Identify any papers in your session that you would recommend for publication in NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation.  
  • Ensure your bio is current in the ION database by January 4. This bio will be provided to a member of the program committee for introduction purposes at the beginning of your session. You can update your bio through the ION website/member portal or email it to
  • Attend the Speakers’ Breakfast the morning of your session to ensure all authors are present and coordinate any speaker substitutions. 

Peer Review Requirement (ITM Papers Only)

All ITM papers will be peer reviewed to determine which papers shall be designated as a primary or alternate paper.  You will be asked to use the following criteria during peer review:

  1. Does the manuscript contain new and significant information to justify publication?
  2. Does the abstract clearly and accurately describe the content of the article?
  3. Are the objectives of the work clearly and concisely stated?
  4. Are the experimental and/or theoretical methods described comprehensively?
  5. Are the interpretations and conclusions justified by the results?
  6. Is adequate reference made to other work in the field?
  7. Is the language acceptable?
  8. Does the manuscript cite any recent articles from NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation?
  9. Do you recommend this paper for presentation at the at the conference and inclusion in the proceedings?
    1. Endorse paper and recommend for the ION journal, NAVIGATION
    2. Endorse paper as-is
    3. Do not endorse paper (paper fails peer review) for:
      1. Technical content/revisions required
      2. English/grammar (major edits required)
  10. Suggestions for improvement - optional (to be passed to the author)

When you are peer reviewing a conference paper it is important to keep in mind the following established guidelines/standards for ION conference paper peer review:

  1. The review criteria should not be as high as for a journal paper. The majority of the papers will fall into the “endorse paper as is” and only in rare occasions should a paper not be endorsed.
  2. You may endorse a paper that requires “minor non-technical English edits”; but fail a paper for major English/grammatical issues.
  3. Non-endorsed papers will still be included in the conference proceedings; they simply will not carry a “peer reviewed” designation.
  4. Exceptional papers will be endorsed/identified for the ION’s journal, NAVIGATION. The ION National Office follows up with these and asks the authors to submit through the formal process
  5. If in doubt about a decision, please contact the Program Chair.

How to Deal with Paper Cancellations/Substitutions 

If you should experience a cancellation in your session, please notify ION at

If you have any additional questions or concerns at this time please contact:

Miriam Lewis
Meeting Services