ITM Author Resource Center

Important Dates and Deadlines

December 1:

  • Completed full papers and Copyright Release Forms, and any updates to your biography must be uploaded through the Abstract Management Portal (AMP) for peer review by assigned session chairs.  Papers not submitted by this date will be designated as alternate presentations or withdrawn from the conference program. (This is a hard deadline, no exceptions will be made to this policy.)

January 4:

  • Have hotel reservations made at the Hyatt Reston. Reservations may be made online. You will need your hotel confirmation number prior to completing your conference registration in order to obtain a registration discount.
  • Last day to register for the conference without a late fee. (Authors attending the meeting are required to pay registration fees.)  Register online.

January 28- 31: ITM/PTTI Meetings. Bring your presentation files on a USB or CD-ROM.

February 8: Revised papers for publication in the conference proceedings will not be accepted after this date.

Submission of Completed Paper for Publication

Your final technical paper should be reflective of your original abstract.  Papers not representative of the original abstract submitted will NOT be included in the conference proceedings, regardless of whether or not they were presented at the conference.  Additionally, this will affect the acceptance of future abstracts for ION conferences.

The conference proceedings are intended to represent those papers that were presented at the meeting.  Scheduled papers that were not presented at the meeting, for any reason, will not appear in the conference proceedings.  Papers must be uploaded to the ION AMP no later than December 1 for ITM authors. 

Please use the Abstract Management Portal to provide the ION with the following documents:

  1. PDF versions of your final paper. The paper should be formatted according to the Paper Preparation Instructions.  
  2. Copyright Release Form
  3. OPTIONAL: A copy of your presentation slides in PDF. If you do not wish to publish your presentation materials please make sure you remove them before February 8.

Peer Review Requirement (ITM Papers Only)

All ITM papers submitted by December 1 will be reviewed by two session chairs, one time. Session Chairs will be asked to use the following criteria during peer review:

  1. Does the manuscript contain new and significant information to justify publication?
  2. Does the abstract clearly and accurately describe the content of the article?
  3. Are the objectives of the work clearly and concisely stated?
  4. Are the experimental and/or theoretical methods described comprehensively?
  5. Are the interpretations and conclusions justified by the results?
  6. Is adequate reference made to other work in the field?
  7. Is the language acceptable?
  8. Do you recommend this paper for presentation at the conference?
    • Endorse paper and recommend for the ION journal, NAVIGATION
    • Endorse paper as-is
    • Do not endorse paper (paper fails peer review) for:
      • Technical content/revisions required
      • English/grammar (major edits required)
  9. Suggestions for improvement - optional (to be passed to the author)

You will be able to track the status of your paper and its peer review through the ION’s Abstract Management Portal .

Mandatory Speaker's Meeting/Breakfasts (All Authors)

You are required to attend the Speakers' Breakfast on the morning of your presentation. The Speakers' Breakfast is for the author scheduled for that day (primary and alternate presenters). The purpose of this breakfast is to allow the Session Chairs to meet each of the presenters and coordinate any last minute details. If you are not present at the breakfast, your session chair will assign your presentation time to one of the alternate presenters. This is also the time that audio-visual equipment and the timing lights will be demonstrated.

  • Tuesday Speakers' Meeting: Held in the Lake Anne Room from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Breakfast will be served in the exhibit hall during the exhibitor hosted breakfast.
  • Wednesday and Thursday Speakers' Breakfasts: Held in the Lake Anne Room from 7:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. Breakfast will be served.

If you are not in attendance at the breakfast, the Session Chairs will not know if you are prepared to present and will allocate your presentation time to another paper. Alternate authors must be in attendance and prepared to present if called upon.  If an alternate author is not present at the breakfast, and/or not prepared to make an oral presentation if called upon, their paper will not be published in the proceedings.

Alternate authors have an excellent chance of being able to present their paper orally.  ALL alternates should be prepared to present in case of a last minute cancellation.  You must attend the Speakers’ Breakfast the morning of your session. Though there is no assurance you will have an opportunity to give an oral presentation, if you have attended the Speakers’ Breakfast and are in attendance at your session (prepared to present your paper), your paper will be published in the meeting’s technical proceedings regardless of whether or not you were able to present your paper orally.

Paper Cancellations – Substitute Presenter Requirements

Should an unforeseen event make it impossible for you to attend the conference to present your paper, please ask a co-author to present your paper on your behalf.  Only co-authors listed on your paper will be permitted to present on your behalf.  If a co-author is not available to present your paper, and the paper needs to be withdrawn, please notify Miriam Lewis at the ION National Office via phone at 703-636-0580, or email at  Please note that only authors who are in attendance at their assigned conference session prepared to present will have their paper published in the conference proceedings.  This applies to both primary and alternate authors.

International Participants:

Visa and/or machine readable passports may be required.

Letter of Invitation Requests

ITM attendees requesting a Visa letter to attend a conference must:

  1. Submit the visa letter request form located at; and
  2. Register and pay the conference registration fees before a letter of invitation will be sent. Exceptions to this policy apply only to those authors whose abstracts have been accepted for the conference program, company personnel working in the exhibit area or trade associated press.

Visa letter requests will only be reviewed AFTER you have submitted the visa letter request form for your desired conference. If an attendee is unable to secure a Visa, he/she will need to apply for a refund before the refund deadline for the conference.

We recommend that you apply for your visa at least two months in advance.  Currently there is a mandatory security check period of 30 days for people whose passports are issued from several countries.  Additionally, the U.S. State Department requires citizens of many countries to obtain visas to attend any scientific program. 

Visa waiver travelers from ALL 27 Visa Waiver Program countries must present either a machine-readable passport or a U.S. visa. 

For further information about obtaining a visa, the Visa Waiver Program and/or Machine Readable Passports, visit:

On behalf of the ITM organizing committee, thank you for your participation.