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Session P3b: Timekeeping for Quantum Networking and Other Science Applications

Two-Way Quantum Time Transfer: A Method for Daytime Space-Earth Links
R. Nicholas Lanning, AFRL
Location: Beacon B
Date/Time: Wednesday, Jan. 24, 4:00 p.m.

High-precision remote clock synchronization is crucial for many classical and quantum network applications. Current state-of-the-art remote clock synchronization techniques achieve femtosecond-scale clock stability utilizing frequency combs. However, we wish to minimize hardware and techniques which are supplementary to quantum-networking. Demonstrating an alternative, we synchronize two remote clocks across our freespace testbed using a method called two-way quantum time transfer (QTT). In one second we reach picosecond-scale timing precision under very lossy and noisy channel conditions representative of daytime space-Earth links with commercial off-the-shelf quantum-photon sources and detection equipment.

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