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Session B1b: Precise GNSS Positioning and Applications

Modified RTK Program for Kinematic Urban Condition
Nobuaki Kubo, Tomohiro Ozeki, and Takeshi Komori, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Location: Beacon A
Date/Time: Tuesday, Jan. 23, 5:08 p.m.

Peer Reviewed

Real-time kinematic (RTK) processing software is very important for GNSS users, especially for students learning GNSS. Several useful open-source GNSS software packages are currently available. We have been using RTKLIB for more than 15 years in lectures and seminars and have found it a suitable tool for learning GNSS positioning as well as R&D. Here, we describe a modified RTKLIB, particularly for vehicles in urban areas, and present the experimental results. Regarding the ambiguity resolution, both the measurement and position domain approaches are used to obtain the best results. Furthermore, an effective satellite selection, including a threshold value for the pseudo-range residual test, is discussed. In our experiments, we compare the RTKs of RTKLIB, rtklibexplorer, and a typical low-cost RTK receiver, using observational data obtained by driving in an urban area in Tokyo. The commercial receiver is relatively accurate. In contrast, our modified RTKLIB and rtklibexplorer were relatively good in terms of the fix rate.

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