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Session P6: Present and Emerging Applications and Techniques for Time and Frequency using GNSS/RNSS/LEO and Optics

National Infrastructure for Dissemination of Precise Time and Coherent Ultra-stable Op-tical Frequency - CITAF
Josef Vojtech, Vladimir Smotlacha, Ondrej Havlis, Martin Slapak, Lada Altmannova, Jan Kundrat, Sarbojeet Bhowmick, Rudolf Vohnout, Radek Velc, Petr Pospisil, Optical Networks Department at CESNET, a.l.e.; Martin Cizek, Jan Hrabina, Simon Rerucha, Lenka Pravdova, Josef Lazar, Ondrej Cip, Institute of Scientific In-struments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Alexander Kuna, Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Jaroslav Roztocil, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
Location: Beacon A

In the article, we introduce the Czech Infrastructure for Time and Frequency activity which is a non-commercial, open activity focused on the transfer of accurate time and very stable frequency using optical networks. The national optical infrastructure for time and frequency transfer is operated on top of the CESNET network infrastructure, to have operational costs under control. We briefly summarize the history of its development, together with the used types of optical transfer and its stabilization. We also address running and planned upgrades and future development plans regarding wavelength bands and considered geographic extensions.

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