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Session 11: Training and Certification

More Traps and Pitfalls
Stefan Jagieniak, Aerodata AG, Germany
Location: Regency Ballroom
Date/Time: Thursday, Apr. 19, 3:45 p.m.

During flight inspection missions, surprising or unexpected results may appear. A typical situation for this might happen during the commissioning of a brand new, accurate FI System. Its results are compared to those of a well known, but ageing system, which had been approved and even certified decades ago. The typical consequence is to blame any differences on the new system, because the legacy one had been accepted and therefore is assumed to be correct.

Current FI systems should be more sensitive on detecting errors compared to systems installed in airliner aircraft, which intend to provide guidance even in case the signal is not perfect. This may lead to the situation that FI reveals a problem that some cockpit installations do "smooth away". Even legacy FI systems are just not able to detect all existing problems.
Surprises may also arise from not being aware of the impact of some subtle potential errors as they just happen in daily life.
This paper depicts some real cases from more than 25 years of experience. Physical effects are explained. Cases for traps and pitfalls in flight inspection are given based on the following examples:
* Survey and database issues
* VOR ground cabling issue
* VOR multipath effects
* FI Antenna effects

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