ION GNSS+ Student Paper Awards

Application Form:

Policy approved by the Satellite Division Executive Committee, October 2017


Student Paper Awards are intended to give promising students the opportunity to attend the world’s leading international ION GNSS+ conference and present their research. The students also get an opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn about the latest developments in GNSS technology.

Paper Submission Eligibility:

Full-time undergraduate or graduate students in engineering, science, mathematics or other related fields are eligible. Multiple student authors are acceptable (no faculty, government or industry co-authors), but only the lead author will be sponsored to attend the conference and present the paper.

Students who have been sponsored in the past to attend an ION GNSS+ meeting are not eligible.

Selection Procedure:

The number of awards each year will be determined by the Satellite Division Student Awards Chair.

The Satellite Division Student Award Chair will organize a committee representing leaders in various aspects of GNSS technology.  The Student Awards Chair shall submit the names of all committee members to the Satellite Division Chair for approval.  Members of the Student Awards Committee shall remain anonymous.

The Student Awards Chair will sort the submitted papers by topic and provide papers to selected member(s) of the Student Awards Committee for evaluation.  Papers will be selected based on the review of the designated member(s) of the Student Awards Committee.  The Student Awards Chair will work with the Program Chair of the Meeting to assign the winning papers into the appropriate technical sessions as primary papers. 

Selection Criteria:

The papers will be judged on the basis of technical con-tent and clarity of presentation. The lead author of each selected paper will be sponsored by the ION to attend the meeting and present the paper.

Submission Deadlines:

An electronic version of papers submitted for the Student Paper Award must be received by the ION National Office no later than February 1st. Papers submitted must be in proper form and must be submitted with a completed Student Paper Award Application.  Submissions will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt.

An application and information packet can be found at and a template and paper guidelines, que be requested at

All students will be notified of acceptance or rejection before March 1st. Students not selected as Student Paper Award winners are free to submit their abstracts in response to the open Call For Abstracts process.

Student winners will be required to submit the following no later than August 31:
  • Proof of travel visa or passport
  • Final publication copy of completed paper
  • Video presentation file
  • Completed Media/Copyright Release Form

Student Winners Receive the Following:

Student winners will receive a complimentary full rate conference registration that includes all conference meals and a copy of the proceedings.

Winning technical papers will be published in the ION GNSS+ conference proceedings.

Winning students will also receive a flat rate of travel subsidy based on the country in which the sponsoring school is located (not the country in which the student may reside) as follows:

  • United States: $2,000
  • Canada: $2,000
  • Europe: $2,500
  • Asia: $2,800
  • Australia: $3,000
  • Other areas: Qualify for special arrangements

Travel funds will be paid in U.S. Dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. There will be no exceptions made to this policy; exceptions will not be made to accommodate your academic institution’s internal policies. If your country of origin no longer accepts bank drafts, arrangements will be made to wire funds. The cost of the wire will be deducted from the travel allowance.

The student is responsible for making all travel arrangements. Travel funds shall be payable to the student’s university and remitted directly to the sponsored student’s academic institution after the ION National Office receives proof of visa/passport (if applicable). Travel funds will be paid in U.S. Dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. There will be no exceptions made to this policy. 

Travel costs that exceed the published amount shall be borne by the student. The academic institution shall retain funds in excess of actual sponsored student’s travel. Funds are not transferable and shall be returned to the ION if for any reason the sponsored student is unable to attend. Failure to do so would affect the acceptance of future paper(s) submitted for consideration under the Student Award Program. 

In extreme cases, special arrangements will be made for students who would be unable to participate should their school be unable or unwilling to administer travel arrangements directly.

Winning Students are Required To:

  • Submit proof of visa or passport by August 31.
  • Submit final publication copy of paper, video presentation, and Media/Copyright Release Form by August 31.
  • Attend the Speakers’ Breakfast on the morning of their presentations.
  • Present their papers at the original time scheduled in the conference program.
  • Participate in all three days of the conference’s technical program and commercial exhibits.
  • Attend the Friday Awards Luncheon. Note: Failure to attend the Friday Awards Luncheon will result in the withholding of the Student Paper Award certificate and award publicity for non-attending student.

For more information about ION GNSS+ please contact:

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