Qiongqiong Jia and Renbiao Wu, Tianjin Key Lab for Advanced Signal Processing, Civil Aviation University of China, P. R. China

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A semi-analytic model with uniform framework is proposed for both scalar tracking loop (STL) and vector tracking loop (VTL) performance evaluation. The proposed model contains three function blocks, the first one is the parameters setting module, where the user state, the satellite information and the initial parameters can be set; the second module is the analytical calculation module, where analytic models are used to replace the time consuming signal processing blocks in a general GNSS receiver to decrease the computation load; the third one is the numerical simulation module, where the discriminators, the loop filters (for STL only) and the navigation filter are included to retain the nonlinear nature of a general GNSS receiver. Besides, the quality of each satellite signal, including signal attenuation, signal blockage, multipath and NLOS, induced issue and the initial user state bias, can all be incorporated in the proposed model for different deteriorated scenarios setting.