Umar Iqbal, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mississippi State University; Ashraf Abosekeen, Military Technical College, Egypt; Aboelmagd Noureldin, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen's University, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada; Michael J. Korenberg, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen's University Canada

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Traditionally, integrating GPS with other systems like INS has been provided by KF or by Extended KF (EKF), which relies on a linearized error model of both GPS and INS. KF has provided a reliable GPS/INS integration solution for high-end navigational and tactical grade INS, but may not be able to address the complex stochastic and high order errors of MEMS grade sensors that result in large values of the nonlinear error terms that are usually ignored during the linearization process which generates the error model for KF. When the low-cost MEMS IMU is integrated with GPS by using traditional KF integration techniques, the solution becomes inconsistent, especially in extended GPS outages. This paper reviews Fast-Orthogonal-Search (FOS) is a general-purpose modeling technique and its utilization to improve the overall navigation solution by modeling errors at the sensor, measurement, and integration level.